New Macro Photography Gallery

New ways of photographing during COVID-19 lockdown
We are now 5 weeks into the UK lockdown, so as there is no way to do my usual photography I have decided to look at a new genre. Just over a week ago I set up a new gallery on the website called Macro Photography.

Macro photography is where the subject of the photograph is usually very small in real life, or is a very small detail of a larger object. The final photo you print is normally larger than life-size. Macro photographs are normally taken from extreme close-up range. The image, as projected onto the sensor plane, becomes equal to life size or greater. Best results are achieved in macro photography by using a special photographic lens called a macro lens.

My aim is to publish a few photos each day on a different theme . They will be shared here on the website click here, on my Facebook page and on Twitter too. I hope you enjoy them. Stay Safe, Stay Home, Protect the NHS.